Quantum-π has a strong patent portfolio consisting of several patent families protecting proprietary IP position in most industrailised countries of the World. Some of those patents will in time give rise to several new types of very advanced nanotechnology products.

Quantum-π strives to be the World leader in integrated nano-systems and in the creation and fabrication of devices based on quantum tunneling.

The Company has full control of all of its own nanotechnology patents.

The first, technology platform patent "Measuring Using Tunneling Current Between Elongate Conductors" (PCT/AU99/00733; US 6,707,308) has been granted in the USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Russia, China, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

The second patent "Quantum tunneling transducer device" was filed in 2004 and has gone to the National phase in the US, Europe. It has already been granted in Singapore and Japan.

The third patent, "Particle Optics and Waveguide Apparatus", for Atom Optics, nanotechnology processing and instruments has also entered a National phase in Europe and Japan. It has been granted in the USA (US 7,782,148) and in Singapore.

The fourth patent, “Quantum Tunneling Sensor Device and Method” has been filed at PCT stage on 24th August 2007 (International Application No. PCT/SG2007/000278). US Application Publication (Source: USPTO) Publication No. US 2011/0043229 A1 published on 24-Feb-2011; Application No. US 12/674840 filed on 24-Aug-2007.

Full texts are available at the leading National Patent Office web-sites, e.g. US Patent Office and the European Patent Office.

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