Current nanoTrek® devices consist of 12,000 nanowires (a);
each nanowire is only 90nm across (b);
which is only ~1/1,000th width of a human hair (c).
All images were obtained by using Electron Microscope.

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Welcome to Quantum Precision Instruments, also known as Quantum-π.

This is a historical web-site of the company that does not exist anymore.

Quantum-π has sold it's entire IP portfolio to an undisclosed buyer and distributed proceeds to the shareholders. It was subsequently de-registered by vote of all shareholders.


The company has been operating in Singapore between 2004 and 2011, with a subsidiary and office in the USA.

Quantum-π is a nanotechnology company that is developing two different product families based on quantum tunnelling principles. Our sensors are unmatched in sensitivity. nanoTrek® dimensional metrology devices address the current problems associated with the next generation of metrological devices in the microelectronics and scientific instrumentation markets.

Metrology at this scale is currently not available and existing methods are limited by fundamental physics from reaching those targets.

Quantum-π's two products groups are:

  • Dynamic nanoTrek® devices: Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS and NEMS) sensors and related intelligent wired and wireless sensor networks.
  • Metrology nanoTrek® devices for ultra precise measurements of position, translation and angular alignment.

Quantum-π's nanoTrek® devices have advantages over products utilizing existing technologies:

  • provide at least an order of magnitude improved precision of measurement
  • are smaller and weigh less
  • are more robust
  • can be mass produced
  • are cheaper to produce
  • are far more durable and require less energy to operate
  • are fabricated monolithically, substantially improving reliability
  • devices that will be fail-proof and operate in harsh environments
  • are built using existing microelectronics fabrication technology with no requirement of MEMS fabbing

Quantum-π: Sensors. Everywhere.©

Dynamic and metrology nanoTrek® devices will find applications in the following target industries:

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Security, defence and military,
  • Medicine and biotechnology,
  • Aviation, maritime and navigation,
  • Automotive,
  • Manufacturing and microelectronics,
  • Seismology, earth tectonics, tsunami and earthquake observations,
  • Nanotechnology and scientific industries,
  • Consumer electronics products.

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